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Programming Note: Baseball and Softball this season will have some games on 1280 AM and some on 1470 AM.
Please make sure to check broadcast schedule below for exact station for each game. 

Wednesday March 18th 6:00 p.m.
                   The Action Sports Medicine Hugh Sandifer Show on KEAN 105.1 FM returns from Spring Break, but only temporarily.                                  We will discuss sporting events that happened in the last few weeks. We will then talk about COVID - 19 and the                          impact it has had on high school sports. We will then take a break for a few weeks until athletic activity resumes. 

The Bulldogs Live Online Scholarship fund is back for another year!

We would like to thank our great sponsors who make specific contributions to the scholarship fund:
Bourland Soben Dentistry, Abilene Pediatric Dental Associates,
Veteran's Garage Door, and Lawrence Hall.

e will award a college scholarship to a graduating male athlete and a graduating female athlete.
Since our inception, we have awarded $45,000 in scholarship funds. Each scholarship is for $2,000.

Click HERE to download the 2019-2020 Bulldogs Live Online Scholarship application.



Bulldogs Live Online exists to bring you LIVE broadcasts of Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs sports while financially contributing to the Wylie Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs sports programs. By carrying Wylie sports both on the radio and internet, Bulldogs Live Online is able to give back and make a difference in the Wylie community. We are also proud to have instituted the Bulldogs Live Online Scholarship Fund, which is awarded to both a graduating young man and young woman every year. In our nine years of existence, we have awarded $45,000 to a total of 22 different students. Our goal is to make a lasting impact in the athletic AND academic community at Wylie High School.

We ask you to please visit the sponsors that make it all possible. Please take time to scroll up and see all of the various sponsors who support Bulldogs Live Online and make our broadcasts possible.  We ask you to look at the various web banners and please please please do business with those whom you see here, as they are the ones that have made it financially possible to get Bulldogs sports on the air literally worldwide!



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